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Reasons to Sell Now

1. Investors are Buying

There are many bargain hunting investors out there looking for great deals on properties. With the economy and mortgage rates the way it is, this is a great time to be a seller!

2. Time to Downsize

With the kids off to college or getting ready to move out, you shouldn’t work hard to maintain a larger property. Now could be a good time to look for something smaller.

3. Upgrade to a First-Class Neighborhood

Location, location, location! Your home or condo is an investment and one of the best determining factors for a good real estate investment is the location. Upgrading to a well known neighborhood today could lead to a great return on your investment tomorrow. 

4. Get More While you still Can

In an ever changing economy, it is better to sell when the real estate market is favourable to sellers, rather than waiting till later when market prices may decrease!